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    I watched the same program you did and I saw something different.

    I heard no teachers on this program. I did hear one spokesman speak on their behalf for about 20 seconds of a 30 minute program designed to bash teachers and public education.

    These guys support a failed system of public education reform that began in the high stakes testing craze of the early 70’s.

    After 30 or so years of high stakes testing data, what do we know? Poor kids and special ed kids do not test particularly well. The drop out rate remains at 30 % across the U.S. and much higher in urban school districts with at risk student populations.

    Why? I’ll tell you why. Micromanaged by high stakes pencil and paper, short answer-fill in the blank tests, school curricula mimic those same kinds of testing experiences. Do you know how mind numbing it is for kids to be subjected to these kinds of experiences day in day out?

    The worlds most technologically advanced country on earth can’t come up with a better way to assess learning than through a system that drives behaviorist pedagogy with paper and pencil standardized tests?

    When you keep doing the same old shit over and over again and continue to reap the same outcomes over and over again the question becomes: "Who reforms the reformers?"

    The human mind is not an empty vessel and humans are not robots unless they wish it so.
    Human beings are not numbers. Their education should not be fragmented outside of their identity or their unique capabilities and capacities for learning.

    Instead of re-examining the industrialized efficiency system based on oppressive behaviorist pedagogy applied to classrooms where student – teacher ratios have sky rocketed up to 40-1 in many elementary and secondary school classrooms across the country, these guys are hammering teachers who valiantly work within the horrible teaching and learning conditions they helped to create and want to perpetuate.

    Authoritative reform efforts are doomed to failure again unless the teachers who work with children are included in the discussion.

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