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  •  actually you are wrong.... (2+ / 0-)
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    there are enough people with nursing degrees.  There are NOT enough nurses that want to work at bedside.  Who says the ADN will soon replace LVN/LPN?  Most hospitals still have a majority of ADNs working in them.  Most ERs, ICUs, ORs... the most common nurse country wide is the ADN.  

    It seems the myth of the nursing shortage persists.....  THere is a shortage of people willing to work as nurses but not a shortage of people who are qualified/board certified RNs.  The numbers are shocking.  Some are full time moms but many with BSNs choose to go in to sales and other more lucrative fields.

    RN is probably the only medical field in which three different degrees ranging from around a year to four years results in the same salary.  What incentive does a four year university have to add nursing instructors when the community college down the road can give the student the same ability to sit for the same test and make the same wage?

    •  At this point you need to cite a source. I am an (0+ / 0-)

      RN.  Originally graduated from a diploma program, went back for a bachelor's and master's degree.  I think I know what I am talking about--especially when you couple my education with extensive experience.

      I do agree that the most common nurse is the ADN....and s/he is on the front lines.  Check out the Head Nurses, Supervisors and Chief Nursing Officers.  You will not find an ADN there without an advanced degree.  The exception might be a very small rural hospital.  And the argument remains specious--America needs more nurses than it does lawyers--or I would not be contacted monthly by a head hunter.

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