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View Diary: "She's decided against treatment. A reasonable decision under the circumstances." (226 comments)

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  •  I broke my leg (0+ / 0-)

    and just endured the pain for a month since it was just a minor break and if I was careful would not get worse or leave me with a bent leg. No money, so no hospital. I think I tore something in my shoulder working a temp job in a cheese factory, loading 2,000 30lb bags into one flimsy box each in one eight hour shift. But I just thought my shoulder was sore from all those effing bags so I did not report it at the time. Took a year and a half for the shoulder to feel normal again but I sure could not go trotting on down to the hospital to have them look at it.

    Now I got very lucky and a Canadian woman fell for me and married me and sponsored me into the country. It is amazing the change in mindset and the release from worries. Single women working in call centers who get pregnant are still happy and have none of the "Oh my God what will we do now" that even married people have in the States. I can actually think that I am likely to retire someday and be healthy and not destitute when I do. Before, my plan was to get some illness and either die from it or be financially ruined and end my days living in a box. They spend a lot less on providing health care up here than even the American government alone spends per citizen today, right now. There is no reason America cannot do the same thing.  

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