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    The past week or so I've been encountering a lot of people saying things like this... In one case someone outright said they wanted the Republicans to win the midterms because it was easier to be angry than disappointed! It isn't just the gay rights issues, but on issue after issue people seemed ready to give up on the party.

    I realize that most won't actually do something to sabotage the Democrats chances and also that Obama is smart enough to make sure that he is on good terms with his supporters at the midterm elections. Everything will likely be fine! It has just been a bit unnerving to see so many people ready to give up so soon!

    I think part of it is that some of the baby boomers age people are reacting as if they are back in the 60's... They see the need to fight and get angry and threaten people with withdrawal of support. They seem to forget that they aren't outsiders, but now have supporters in the establishment who want what they want and will give it to them if they give them some time. I think the goal should be to expand the Democratic majority, perhaps replace some of the weaker Democrats with stronger Democrats but just the act of re-electing many of them will likely lead to a change in the attitudes of some of the more conservative Democrats. If they feel their seat is safe they are more likely to be free to support the more progressive elements of the party!

    I think thus the best thing to do is to actually back some of the weaker Democrats against the Republicans so they can win preferably without needing large contributions from questionable industries and thus can be more helpful.

    I did see above that you said you weren't participating in the boycott, I meant to acknowledge that but forgot to. Sorry...

    The thought of the crazy people we see on television anywhere near a position of power has me overreacting a bit to things today....

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