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View Diary: GWU Analysis Details Industry-Wide Implications of Stupak-Pitts (127 comments)

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  • must be a very committed (0+ / 0-)

    anti-abortionist. And a long-time member of the
    dailykos community, it appears.

    Are you afraid that women might have spontaneous miscarriages and need medical treatment via national health care/public access?

    What is your biggest fear regarding health care reform and/or access to full reproductive healthcare medical treatments?

    Who are you sending to the devil I wonder?

    •  You misread me darylita (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      darylita, OldDragon

      I'm a pro-choice activist. And I'd send to the devil all those proposing women allow themselves to be legally injured, denied their rights and dignity, and physically endangered by the implications of bad legislation in the name of "what's good for society."

      That's a bad-faith argument. To hell with it.

      •  oh...I didn't know..truly (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        lost the thread of the discussion/argument above.

        I'm a happy crone and not in any personal jeopardy from most anti-choice legislation, however....

        legally...I agree...women need to be able to decide what medical procedures that need and want...and I lived through the years before 1973, terrified I might get pregnant by accident.

        IMO, jokingly somewhat, mem should not be able to vote on medical care of my reproductive organs, I think.

    •  I misjudged your angry post.. (0+ / 0-)

      Are you supporting this diary?

      Are you arguing with the Red Pen above?

      Sometimes I don't read all the prior posts.

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