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View Diary: Obama's China Climate Deal: Rally the World, PWN Inhofe (195 comments)

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    Obama was prodded into action by Republican and Congressional obstructionism.

    Well, I agree with that and it may be for the better since it prompted him to take direct executive action rather than pushing it down to Congress like HCR.

    I fact, the Executive branch has more autority on foreign Relations, correct?

    However, your original remarks led in another direction:

    China refusing (or neglecting) to work towards reducing its pollution generation is a real problem, even if the people in the US complaining about it are jackasses merely looking for a pretext for us to keep polluting, too. Inhofe and the others whining about China when they have power only over the US and whoever voluntarily follows us have actually boxed in China and Obama into making this kind of deal.

    My question was directed toward this and I don't think it was off track.

    I don't think China was boxed in by Republicans at all, that is US Domestic politics. China was prepared to go it alone regardless of American cooperation and (with it's domestic plans) even without a deal from COP-1. They made announcements to this effect before the UN mini  summit in New York.

    However, China and the Obama administration have certianly been seeking a cooperative relationship since Dr Chen's visit to China in the autumn when substansive discussions were held which laid the groundwork for this, and most certianly this is advantagous, so I give Obama high marks for breaking out of his box on this. he still has his work cut out on prodding congress into action.

    Ask me about my daughter's future - Ko

    by koNko on Thu Nov 19, 2009 at 08:28:46 AM PST

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