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View Diary: 'Trawling for assassins':Fringe nuts want Obama dead NEW: SECRET SERVICE ON JOB;ZAZZLE PULLS PRODUCT (1487 comments)

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  •  We might be called on to give up our lives (1+ / 0-)
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    to protect our country and constitution and the lives and freedom of our families and friends and countrymen.

    Those are good reasons to fight.

    Insofar as protecting a given incumbent of high elected office does this.. sure, count me in.

    I get nervous with the calls for demonstrations of loyalty to a particular person, no matter who it is.

    It's a mode of politics that was discredited, at terrible cost, and only after thousands of years, and even in this modern age too easily revived for short-term benefits.

    Have to go with Schoolhouse Rock on this one - No More Kings. Not even blue ones.

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