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View Diary: WA Gov -- Snohomish! (36/39) (99 comments)

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  •  He lost. (none)
    There is an old saying in politics : When voters are given a choice between a real republican and a closet republican they'll choose the real republican.  

    Ross was an opportunist trying to win an election based on name rec.  Unfortunately his ego didn't allow for the fact that his negatives were so high that his high name meant people knew him and disliked him.  Add to that he hired the keystone kops as his campaign staff (Ross forot to show up for the Seattle Times editorial board) believed that in a swing district they could just count on Kerry's turnout to carry them to victory, i.e. they had no field operation and raised no money.

    One of the worst campaigns in Washington state politics with one of the worst candidates.  This was a winnable seat against a beatable opponent.

    Look for State Rep Ross Hunter to challenge Reichert and actually run a campaign and win.

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