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  •  oh my god yes (8+ / 0-)

    I try to be pretty circumspect on the Internetz. I signed up for identity theft protection when I started job hunting and was forced to put a bunch of personal info out there to various recruiters and potential employers.

    I periodically Google my own name just to see what is out there about me. In the past, it was just a few innocuous links to my old sci-fi group, a couple of postings I made to a website, etc.

    Now? Holy crap. There is a website called LookupAnyone that sells ALL your personal info for a fee. And I mean ALL. This turned up in my last Google search and the results were truly chilling.

    For a searcher who DOESN'T pay them any fees, they can get this for free:

    My full name and address
    My phone number
    A list of the last addresses I have had for the last 15 or so years
    A list of all my relatives' names

    For a fee (39.95 for the Deluxe package) you can get this:

    Full Name  Address
    Age & DOB  Phone Number
    Relatives  Address History
    Avg. Income  Property
    Criminal Check  Bankruptcies
    Liens  Judgments
    Aliases  Lawsuits
    Neighbors  Death Records
    Marriage  Divorce

    They might as well call their site

    I looked up all my friends and neighbors on there and found the amount of personal info available, even without paying a fee, truly chilling.

    I really think it would behoove us to bring some kind of class action lawsuit against this website. Although I know that would probably go nowhere. They deal only in public domain information. But still, bringing it all together like that.

    I also found a trail of every political contribution I have ever made. Which, well, any prospective employer that doesn't want me because I have contributed to Democrats and liberal causes, well hell, I don't want them either. But you see what I'm saying.

    Great diary ACLU. It's worth discussing how much these people intrude into our lives.

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