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  •  Stupid scared yellow bellied chickenhawks (1+ / 0-)
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    Calamity Jean

    Republicans are always wringing their hands and howling in fear.  When growing up as a child (a boomer) we heard all about the evil Communists and how they would love to invade our country and take away our freedom.  We would not be able to believe in God.  Books would be burned. Children would be dragged off into brain washing camps.  Democrats were always trying to sell the country down the river to the communists.  Even as a very young child I thought it was all a bunch of psycho drama and crap.  Though not in those terms of course.  

    Republicans love war and yet will few enlist in the military especially when we're in a war they made happen.  They see a terrorist behind every bush.  They are afraid to go to bed at night b/c a terrorist may be lurking under their beds.

    They are fearful all of the time b/c when it is all said and done, they are yellow-bellied cowards who are afraid of everyone who is not exactly like them.
    That and the fact that they use fear as a tool to push their anti-American agendas.

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