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    Gallup isn't the Gold Standard anymore.  They gave into the money and now strongly favor the Republicans.  Perhaps you should look at for some of Nate Silver's analysis.

    The problem with Gallup's poll is that they didn't ask the right question.  Almost no one does.  It's a four part answer, with the answers being always, most always, rape and incest, never.  If you ask it anyother way, you reduce the pro-choice answer.  If  you ask, almost no-one is for abortion in every case (can you say girl won't fit into her prom dress? can you say, they decide the day before birth they don't want the baby?)  Not even the Supreme Court said that.  However, many pro-choice people like me give the answer always because we know these polls are stacked against the pro-choice position.

    When asked the four part question, the numbers haven't changed in the 25 years I've been active in the pro-choice community.  20% always, upper 30's% almost always, lower 20's rape and incest, 20% never.  There is one recent poll that shows great movement on this issue, but I believe that it is an outlier.

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