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View Diary: 9/11 was pre-emptive strike on US - [Poll added] (6 comments)

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  •  Why I didn't choose #1 (none)
    which was "
    Utter US intelligence failure, no previous knowledge

    Anyone who's paying attention knows that at the very least there was lot's of info.  

    Why did the National Security Advisor not understand that it was her responsibility to initiate action when she learned of what was reported in the infamous August 2001 daily briefing.

    Why didn't W initiate action or respond appropriately to the briefing.

    The answer is either that they are completely incompetent or that they alloed the attack because they believed that it would further their agenda and give them an opportunity to consolidate the power that was slipping away from them.


    "How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?" -- John Kerry, 1971.

    by peace voter on Fri Dec 17, 2004 at 03:20:59 PM PST

    •  Leadership got on Air Force One and left (none)
      In the world before 9/11 there were many terror experts who began to understand the danger of Islamic extremists. Afghanistan and Kashmir were hot spots and getting worse with support of Pakistan and ISI.

      Intelligence must have indicated an attack or hijack of plane. Clear warning came from UAE! High level of chatter was worrisome for George Tenet, he got no one at the White House to act. Condi Rice cleansed herself by stating before Congress hearing she got no advice on how to act! GWB was home on the Ranch in Crawford, Tx writing thesis on stem-cell reserch.

      Expecting to be able to control damage and possible victims in case of an hijack attempt, the shock of devastating attack on both WTC towers led to immediate panic. Never understood why GWB was rushed over to Nebraska, CIC should get back to his post in Washington to run the country.

      Born a Liberal, voting Liberal, dying as a Liberal: á la Vie á la Mort

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