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View Diary: Hoffman Falsely Accuses ACORN, Dem Party and Unions of Vote Fraud (76 comments)

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  •  They are trying to undermine everything (8+ / 0-)

    absolutely everything in this nation.

    Undermining valid elections isparto of their nasty game (these folks still do not accept Obama as President, many of them) the spectre of ACORN will poof away the legitimacy of any close elections they lose.

    And it's not just elections, it's anything they don't like...I saw a clip (here, along with an article) of one of Arpaio's boys lifting the papers of a defense attorney off the table, IN COURT, while the attorney was speaking to the judge with her client! Behind her back, this police officer (!) looks through the attorney's privileged papers, lifts one out, calls another officer over and hands it to him, trying to get it out of the courtroom!!! And Arpaio says, none of his guys will apologize for anything.

    APOLOGIZE!!! Are you kidding me?  Stealing papers from a defense attorney and all the judge calls on the guy to to do is apologize and in Arpaio land, that is too much???

    These folks are total sociopaths! They do not love America and the rule of law, free elections (onlye elections their side wins), or free and open debate (they were quite proud of themselves disturbing town halls this summer) - they are classic bullies and thugs.  That they have succeeded in propogandiaing a good chunk of the American electorate is frankly, quite frightening.

    And we can't just politely point out their idiocy or we'll be steamrollered into oblivion by the cascade of hate and fear they are whipping up.

    I'm not surprised the nut of NY is claiming "ACORN ATE MY ELECTION". The Beckian followers will swallow ANYTHING. Anything at all, no matter how insane. I hope mainstream Americans are smart enought to see how asinie these folks are but sadly, given the media support these goons get (and not just from FOX) and the wobbly-kneeed Democrats in Congress, I am getting rather uneasy about it all.

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