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View Diary: CafePress out Hoffmans Hoffman - Reversing Reversal on Psalm 109:8 (304 comments)

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  •  I got the Psalm e-mail today (7+ / 0-)

    Here was my response (thanks to Rachel Maddow & Frank Schaeffer). I got an apology...

    109:8 reads 'Let His Days Be Few, And Let Another Take His Office.' It's followed immediately by another verse: 'Let His Children Be Fatherless, And His Wife A Widow.'

    To quote Frank Schaeffer, whose father Francis Schaeffer helped shape the evangelical movement in the United States. Mr. Schaeffer grew up in the religious far-right:

    "This is the American version of the Taliban. The Taliban quotes the Qu'ran, and al Qaeda quotes certain verses in the Qu'ran, in or out of context, calling for jihad, and bloody war, and the curse of Allah on infidels. This is the Old Testament, Biblical equivalent of calling for holy war. Now, most Americans'll just see the bumper sticker and smile and think that it's facetious. Unfortunately, there are 22 million Americans or so who call themselves super-conservative evangelicals. Of this, a small minority might be violent. But, the general atmosphere here is really getting heated.

    And what surprises me is that responsible, if you can put it that way, Republican leadership and the editors of some of these Christian magazines, etc. etc., do not stand up in holy horror and denounce this. You know, they're always asking 'Where is the Islamic leadership denouncing terrorism? Why aren't the moderates speaking out?' Well, I challenge the folks who I used to work with... I would just say to them: 'Where the hell are you? This is not funny anymore. And be it on your head if something happens to our President..."

    Please don't send me these far right wing-nut e-mails anymore. I have a great sense of humor but it has limits... And I draw the line at using the bible.   Yeah, a liberal doesn't like the bible being used. Who'd-a thunk it?

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