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View Diary: CafePress out Hoffmans Hoffman - Reversing Reversal on Psalm 109:8 (304 comments)

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    When I first heard this I immediately recognized Cafe Press because they sell t-shirts promoting my favorite Mets website: (NYFS). I started a thread in the non-Baseball section suggesting that the site cancel their association with Cafe Press because of the initial refusal to remove the Pray for Assassination merchandise, which they did.  I then dutifully posted this morning the press release announcing Cafe Press's reversal of policy

    Cafe Press may have reversed things but they have lost NYFS as a customer, something which makes me even more glad I have been a participant at NYFS for many years.  Here is the statement the owner of the site posted after today's press release.

    IMO, it's not worth the couple of bucks a year we get for shirts to support a company that was willing to throw caution to the wind on something like that to make a few bucks off of it. Regardless of retracting it, they showed what their principles are, IMO.

    They lost my business. I closed the NYFS account there.

    We'll find some other solution in the future.

    As they say in the bible...Amen.

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