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View Diary: VIDEO: How We Will Make Real Immigration Reform a Reality! (26 comments)

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    There are certainly things here that make sense and seem to be fair.  There are also things that are very opaque.  For example, what do "respect for community policing", "reunification of families separated by outdated immigration laws" and "reduction of migration pressures in sending countries over time" mean?

    Of course this is a very tough and complicated issue.  I think it would behoove our side to be very specific about what we think  and what the law should say and how that law should be enforced.

    I totally agree with the requirements to learn English, pass background checks, and pay back taxes.  Of course these are easier said than done.  Of course I agree we should treat people humanely and we should get tougher on businesses that exploit illegals.

    I think we will be able to sell our plan when we are able to clarify our plan.  If the terms are not clear, they will not likely be made into law.

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