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View Diary: Feeding America--9 Million Meals: Hunger in the 'Burbs (343 comments)

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  •  I have been popping into other diarires under (8+ / 0-)

    title a rec for a rec?

    this is the weekend of the Dkos quarterly blogathon for hunger ... Feeding America. Our goal is to keep the eye on this issue for 36 hours and raise money, awarness and contributions along with gathering information on what is going on around the country ....  

    can we trade a rec for a rec? Right now we are on the rec list and another diary will be coming up shortly. Please keep an eye out throughout the day to support this effort ....


    I started when i go the email BJM .... did a few, took the dogs out came back you were way up there. did a few more....

    Lets break all records this weekend. The need was NEVER more pressing!  Whether it is time, spare change, a conribution ...or spreading the word to your email lists and community members about this weekend .... LETS Make history!

    sorry to highjack the diary.

    "And the dream lives on" Edward M. Kennedy

    by boatsie on Sat Nov 21, 2009 at 10:02:39 AM PST

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