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View Diary: Prison Rape: Is it funny? (84 comments)

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    What Sen. Webb's prison reform bill will look like. Though I don't know if he is looking at this issue, there doesn't seem to be any politicians that want to tackle it.  

    Male rape in general is pretty taboo.  I have been seeing more mentions of it in network television shows. There was a recent CSI where somebody was wrongfully accused of raping one guys sister, so the brother had the wrongfully accused raped.  And on Criminal Minds, there are overtones that one of the main characters "Hotchner" was raped when he was help captive by a serial killer type.  It's small, but it's a start where folks will see innocent men getting raped and not come criminal "getting what he deserves".   The prison show Oz also dealt with this A LOT, with the main charcter Toby Beecher in prison for drunk driving causing death - however in this show there was instances when you cheered the raping.  Also in Shawshank Redemption Andy Dufrense is raped, though away from the camera.  

    When is the last time the Obama Administration has pleasantly surprised you - Made you think to yourself "Wow, I didn't think they had that in them"?

    by Jonze on Fri Nov 20, 2009 at 08:30:06 PM PST

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