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  •  Amen brother (none)
    I'm glad there are still smart people out there on the Christian Right.  I've been wondering, indeed, asking out loud, what does the Republican Party stand for?  They don't seem to stand for anything but their own power.  Small government - oops, fiscal discipline - double oops, getting government out of your life - well, maybe, unless it has to do with sex, then no way.

    I think there is a place for the Christian Right.  Social issues - yes, tax cuts - no.  Separation of church and state is meant to protect religion, and the state.  No separation hurts both the state and religion.

    I'm a member of a minority group: the reality-based community.

    by Unstable Isotope on Sat Dec 18, 2004 at 05:37:39 AM PST

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    •  Yes (none)
      and the Right will become more divided.

      Look at ultra conservative Trent Lott. Infighting!
      I say divide and conquer.

       It is SERIOUSLY time to get a hold of the message! Like Now!

      Take the word Liberal and give it back it's true meaning.....Liberty!

      I would love to see inside Dems start embracing the word! Yes I am a liberal. Of course I am. I believe in liberty, including the right to privacy from the nose of the government in my religion!

      This we MUST do! To redefine the issue.

      It isn't who is right and who is wrong......which can be argued for an eternity......(as we see on cable news network). It is that each side has a right to speak. When one side, the right, starts claiming they own God, and portraying the other side as evil....while I defend your right to say so, do you think it is wise to have the government so involved with the church. And using it as a campaign too?

      (The trouble is they are monopolizing the media, but we can still get this populist message out. Thank God for the internet and Air America radio) So we have to work a little harder. I just e-mailed this to everyone I know.

      It is OUR right to state our views without fear or government interferance! It is called free speech and that means keep politics out of my church!

      ...people will always vote for the sunshine, not for the darkness

      by missliberties on Sat Dec 18, 2004 at 08:12:09 AM PST

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      •  dividing the right (none)
        Here in Canada, we had a split amongst conservatives during the 1980s when the more religiously and fundamentally based Reform Party was formed by disgruntled members of the mainstream Progressive Conservative party.

        Throughout the 90s, this split kept the Liberals in power (not to mention the disastrous policies of the PC government during the 80s). In 2003, after realizing that the split had hurt both conservative parties, they merged back together. As a result, many people are still skeptical that those original ultra right-wing policies of the Reformers might rise up within this new Conservative Party and with the current debate over same-sex marriage, we are seeing this come to fruition but the more moderate conservatives are winning that debate.

        So, what's my point, you ask? I know Canadians, on the whole, are more liberal than Americans but I think the fact that the ultra right-wing platform was continually and flatly rejected by the majority speaks to the reality that such extremism cannot sustain itself for any length of time.

        Yes, I know that some of you are thinking that Bush was re-elected on that platform but, now that the Republicans have less to lose by not supporting Bush policies, we are witnessing the beginning of the rebellion against his extremism. They will fight amongst themselves to reclaim their truly conservative views, just as the Canadian conservatives did, and they will succeed. Imho, there is absolutely no way this religious agenda can sustain itself beyond 2008 - even 2006 might be a turning point.

        Now, I'm not saying that the left should just sit back and watch it happen. I'm just saying that we need to remember that we have tremendous power to end this religious domination and the fact that those who are actually in power are dividing themselves already should give us hope. We have something to work with.

        I keep thinking about the response to Islam after 9/11. Many public figures fought hard to educate people that Islam is a peaceful religion and that the extremists were not typical in their religious views. That kind of education was crucial and I believe the more Christians who speak up with this message about Christianity, the better. There are many angles from which to tackle the current political situation and I don't doubt that a revolution is coming and the religious extremists will be purged.

        There is much hope here. Let's not forget that. Rational discussion is the way to the future return to "normalcy". We also need patience and the wisdom to know that we will affect change if we do it from a place of respect - without anger and fear. Fight wisely.

        •  Very good observation (none)
          In Canada: Throughout the 90s, this split kept the Liberals in power

          In U.S. maybe the Dem/Green split lost the 2000 election. Even though some came back to the fold in 2004, it obviously wasn't enough.

        •  I think this precisely (none)
          why there were many Republicans for Kerry. I read the article in the NYT by Ron Suskind regarding GWB's faith and in it he interviewed some Republican politician (name escapes me) and he stated that if GWB was re-elected that there would be a revolution starting on Nov 3rd within the Repug party. This has struck in my mind that there are cracks within the Repug party and if we are lucky they will only grow.

          We have to keep our message and representation out there. Time will tell if they self distruct.

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