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View Diary: The Employment Nondiscrimination Act: Reading the Tea Leaves (30 comments)

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  •  The good isn't the enemy of perfect (5+ / 0-)

    as we're all so tired of hearing.

    But, I would say, politics are a little different on GLBT issues when one contemplates that.

    Take HRC as an example: A health care reform bill can always be tinkered with and reformed later, and sheer volume of those affected rather guarantees, if they're disappointed with the results, and a failure to deliver on promises, it will be.

    The GLBT community's bite at the apple comes around so rarely, we could be saddled with pointless and useless legislation for decades. And will have lost our opportunity to get effective legislation as our--as I've come to think of them--"soft allies" will have seen us as already have received our pony this decade.

    The Obama administration has fired 520 soldiers for being gay as of 11/22/09.

    by Scott Wooledge on Mon Nov 23, 2009 at 09:45:31 AM PST

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