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View Diary: The Employment Nondiscrimination Act: Reading the Tea Leaves (30 comments)

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    Even though February doesn't look all that far in the future, not at the pace at which things get done in D.C., the problem is that once ENDA is passed by the House it then has to be taken up by the Senate.  If it isn't brought to the Senate floor by the end of the legislative session, then it dies (right?), and the House has to start all over again in the next session.  As far as ideas to move ENDA forward, is it not correct that the committee chair has absolute discretion as to when a bill is marked up?  No one can force Miller to speed up the committee's consideration.  So the real question here, is, what can be done to convince/pressure Miller to finish the ENDA markup sooner rather than later?

    More AND better Democrats!

    by NoVa Boy on Mon Nov 23, 2009 at 10:39:35 AM PST

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