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    I caught up on some recent diaries, when you were angry, you told someone to shove it up their ass or something like that.

    Yeah, I was in an argument with that user. I didn't jump on someone and accuse them of things they didn't do.

    If it were you on the receiving end of being called a martyr for getting mad that people were promoting a book that said Palestinians weren't a people, you would know it was wrong.

    The martyr accusation is because of your melodramatic response to fire bad, who again had done nothing to you or anyone else. She uprated one comment by Christopher. Christopher, to my knowledge, did not at any point in this diary comment on the truthfulness of Sand's book one way or another.

    My anger was genuine in response to a number of diaries and comments about Sand's book, some comments of which you uprated.

    I want to see these objectionable uprates of mine. Links, please? This should be good.

    And so you decided to punish me for being justifiably angry.

    This is what I'm talking about when I say "melodramatic." How the hell did I punish you? All I did was call you out for attacking someone unfairly and pointed to one of your own uprates of a comment that directly and explicitly denied Palestinian peoplehood.

    If you expect people not to dimish, demean or dismiss Palestinian people and then scold a Jewish person who gets angry when the majority of the I-P posters who aren't Jewish have shrugged off this book.

    Prove that a majority of the P-I posters shrugged this book off. Prove it. And again I didn't scold you because you're angry at the book. Stop mischaracterizing my comment to you. I called you out for attacking someone who didn't deserve it. The fact that you think that you're ascribing to me positions that I never articulated as a way of trying to make yourself out as a victim is why I'm calling this a martyr act.

    That a majority here have accepted this book and promotion of it as ok

    A majority? Really? Prove that this is true. I'm willing to bet that you can't.

    This conversation should be about why this book has all the Jews here so angered, upset, etc., but instead it's about me pointing out an uprate.  Ok fine.

    Oh please, my first comment to you was #228 out of a total of 245 (soon to be 246) comments. This was well after most people had left the diary. I didn't distract from it in anyway.

    Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.

    by unspeakable on Thu Dec 10, 2009 at 12:10:32 AM PST

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