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  •  And where does (7+ / 0-)

    Mr. Almond suggest I go to listen to new music? Best Buy? There are very few independent record stores around anymore where one can go and discover new music and don't get me started on how worthless corporate radio is. I think the iPod and iTunes are two of the most convenient inventions ever; the iPod because I can run and not have to carry a bulky Walkman like I used to, and iTunes because if I am looking for a song I heard on the radio in the 70s, I can find it. Yearning for a song is over rated.

    •  I certainly don't miss old music tech (5+ / 0-)
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      Oldies, sure. But I don't miss the limits. Back then, when the only music available was what the radio stations deemed fit to play or the record stores sell.
      I don't miss having to dedicate an entire wall to my music collection, having to worry about scratches on vinyl, or tangled tapes. That's the nice thing about mp3's. No maintenance worries-except for my player, which is sturdier than anything else I have bought. 400+ songs on a player the size of a credit card, and I still have room.

      I love the access to endless internet stations that broadcast just about any genre of music. I love the fact that even though there's no progressive radio station in town I can find it elsewhere on the net. I love being able to listen to podcasts of shows I have missed. No more struggling with short-wave radios or searching in specialty record stores or sitting up half the night listening to a show because that's the only time I can hear that music.

      I love the instant gratification of I-Tunes and their imitators, especially for an oldie that simply would have taken months to find in the old vinyl days.

      Howard Dean Forever and a Day

      by CarolDuhart on Tue Nov 24, 2009 at 04:17:27 AM PST

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