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View Diary: Really, Gun Owners of America? HCR Will Take Your Guns Away? (233 comments)

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  •  CLINTON? (0+ / 0-)

    And just WHAT did "Clinton did"?!?

    Clinton put a ban on AUTOMATIC ASSAULT WEAPONS ~ NOT "GUNS" in general AND he was RIGHT TO DO SO!

    WTF do you NEED automatic weapons for; To kill deer?  Hell no, NOT to kill deer.....truth is, you people are ALWAYS hoping for another civil war here and THAT IS WHY YOU WANT THEM.....and we ALL know it. YOU cons lie & DON'T CARE THAT YOU LIE, and THAT is why I detest RW'rs!

    AND Gee,

    that ban expired in 2004, ya moron! Don't you think that if you were actually losing your rights that ban would still be in place and THEN SOME?

     Oh that's right ~ YOU PEOPLE DON'T THINK ...AT ALL! You just reflexively LIE ~ ALL THE TIME!

    Think we don't KNOW what all your gun nuts takin' guns to Obama events and holding signs about insurrection and "the tree of life" and all the other CONFEDERATE, insurrectionist, traitorous BS y'all are involved in, MEANS? Cuz we damned sure do. IT'S YOU PEOPLE who are the TRAITORS, not us. WE NEVER took guns around Bush; but then WE got hauled off for having the NERVE to have an anti-Bush t-shirt on; And I'm sure that you, you sycophantic hypocrite, were absolutely thrilled when THAT HAPPENED.

    It isn't liberals who've screwed up this country; it is CONSERVATIVES, BOTH Republican AND Democratic conservatives.

    Liberals have NEVER "run" this country....not in my lifetime they haven't.

    So stop lying through your teeth [ALL YOU CONS!] and claiming otherwise....

    Gawd, cons are despicable critters

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