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    i've called local sponsors and it is mostly apolitical.

    most just want to be on the loudest station in the state. some go through an ad agency. some are surprised depending on whether you talk to an owner or a manager or assistant. few actually defend limbaugh. some are surprised their biz is sponsoring limbaugh and are obviously not happy to hear it.

    some of the advertisers are a ridiculous match. for instance, i've heard limbaugh doing his regular global warming denial segment, followed immediately by an established window company that could greatly increase their sales with the nationwide or state incentives for increasing energy efficiency that would be part of any recognition of global warming as a problem. then another national window company doing the same thing.

    i've heard the govt food stamp program ads on limbaugh. couldn't get though on the phone but if there is one guy who's more anti food stamp i don't know who that might be.

    the local state university was advertising on the limbaugh megastation. talk about anti higher education.

    many of the local businesses that advertise on those stations have been effected adversely by the economy that resulted from the deregulation they helped sell by sponsoring RW talk radio.

    it's easy to listen once in a while, get a local number or  two, and talk to a local owner or manager.

    i talked to a real estate co owner who says he get 80% of of his business from that limbaugh megastation but he can't stand the  right wingers.

    just the other day i talked to that same station's assistant who said he agreed but the station will never change it.

    picketing some of the stations might get some of the sponsors looking elsewhere, as well as the ad agencies.

    someone recently was trying to get the pro sports involved because many are on those stations.

    if altermnatives are there i think a lot of local sponsors will switch rather than stay with the global warming deniers and hatemongers.

    media matters is great. the problem is they can only highlight certain bits while the radio is going all the time.  i used to think a national searchable transcript database of the main national and local talkers would help  show the patterns of repetition leading to national recognition and acceptance of the completely absurd. but maybe no one could stand to even sift through that stuff.

    nothing progressives are doing now is really countering the talk radio machine, mainly because they don't really think it needs countering. only some of the local talkers take real calls- not the national talkers . so it chugs on its merry way, framing and feeding and distorting, uncontested.

    but if progressives are protesting anything anywhere they ought to consider the local limbaugh station because if they protest anywhere else the loudmouths at those stations  will have all next week to tell everyone in a hundred mile radius  what traitors and fools they are. that's been going on for 20 years, since reagan killed the fairness doctrine.

    can't tell about bringing back the fairness doctrine because the uncontested radio machine has distorted it so well, and we really don't have a lot of time for courts with global warming coming up.

    ignoring the talk radio monopoly continues to be the biggest political blunder in decades

    by certainot on Thu Nov 26, 2009 at 12:33:28 AM PST

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