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View Diary: “He’s a great science teacher, but he doesn’t believe in evolution.” (45 comments)

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    samddobermann, Orinoco

    This is EXACTLY the sort of thing I hear from my DD.

    She was homeschooled until now but decided to go to public school starting with the 9th grade. She was raised and homeschooled in a reality-based environment and is doing great in school.

    And is even getting her usual A in Honors Biology.

    But that is despite the teacher who just won some sort of award -- the big check was delivered to the classroom last week -- and is a "great science teacher" with labs about DNA, etc., but who introduces any lesson mentioning evolution with a disclaimer.

    He says he "may or may not believe" in evolution but is forced, by law, to teach it.

    DD reports that most of the class makes fun of evolution or ignores the lesson.

    We do live in the Stupid Capital of the US -- FL -- but I still found that disclaimer startling.


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