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View Diary: Michelle Caudle’s Quilt From Daily Kos Community (89 comments)

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  •  I understand he has (3+ / 0-)

    been in and out of the hospital with cellulitis -- he's been ill since Netroots Nation.

    Othniel (first quilt was for othniel) has had a devil of a time with cellulitis, as well.  He had a deep abscess in his leg that had to be drained -- then there were related complications that led to other surgeries -- and he got a drug resistant staph infection.  He's been on IV antibiotics for weeks and will be for several more.

    But at least othniel got to make his Thanksgiving trip to family -- which was a major goal.

    I don't know if Timroff has been having similar difficulties -- but he has been ill a long time.  I understand that cellulitis is very, very sticky and hard to heal from.  

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