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View Diary: The Swiss Vote against Religious Freedom (257 comments)

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    You're basically encouraging bigotry against Muslims.  Anti-religion hysteria is just as bad as religious extremism.

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      With three major religions all insisting they are the rightful owners of the "holy" lands, and with nuclear armeggeddon (pardon the religious nutbaggery) hanging in the balance, only by diminishing the power and especially the pretige of all of these religious organizations will there be any hope for a sustainable future. Until we end the strangle hold of "be fruitful & multiply" upon the procreation of our species will the world have a chance to heal itself from 6000 plus years of absolute religious insanity. Six and 3/4 billion people is enough already!

      We desperately need a "new enlightenment": I hope you'll reconsider and join me.

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        It comes in religious AND non-religious forms.  

        The idea that we can eradicate religion is ridiculous.  And the idea that world peace will break out if we could only get rid of religion is even more ridiculous.

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