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  •  Unfortunately DC dems lap this stuff up (1+ / 0-)
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    island in alabama

    That is why we in the hinterlands have to be unambiguous in our messaging.  We have a Democratic House, a Democratic Senate and a Democratic President whom together make up the United States Government.  We contributes, volunettered and voted for this.  We understand the hand that has been dealt to our guys is a rough one.  I can  understand the flooding of Wall Street with cash if that prevented a melt down.  But then I want genuine universal health insurance (nope I did not give money to nor volunteer for nor vote for Olympia Snowe), I want immigration reform, I want genuine anti-trust enforcement, I want genuine environmental stewarship, I was uncompromised civil liberties, I want the Guanatanamo gulag closed.

    This is what I want - and the solutions were pretty well broadcast during the campaign and pretty well thought out.  Why the confusion now?  Why must we treat serial liars, America haters and venal martinets with respect, regard or deference?

    So write your Congressmen and tell them they have a job to you.  Do not give a dime right now to the DNC or the DSCC (the DCCC is probably a go to reward good behavior) and write those sobs.

    And tell me if we have a government of Democrats why am I hearing so much from the two asshole senators from South Carolina.  Shut those turkeys down with news and information and hope that we in the hinterland can use.  If all I hear from our guys are pleas in fundraising solicitations about how mean the Republicans are and how Dems need more money now and how they have been so targetted in 2010.  My answer is my money won't mean shit 'cause you are not going to have the voters you need show up.

    •  Speaking of the assholes from SC (0+ / 0-)

      I read somewhere yesterday that Lindsey is no longer so popular at home.  DeMint, of course, is immensely popular. I guess Lindsey isn't conservative enough to suit SC Repubs.  

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