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    kat68, island in alabama

    Here are seven storylines Obama needs to worry about:

    In order, quoting from Harris:

    He thinks he’s playing with Monopoly money
    Too much Leonard Nimoy
    That’s the Chicago Way
    He’s a pushover
    He sees America as another pleasant country on the U.N. roll call, somewhere between Albania and Zimbabwe
    President Pelosi
    He’s in love with the man in the mirror

    This reads like inside the beltway baloney. First clue, not a damn word about jobs. Second clue, the U.N.? Who the frig cares about that!

    As bad as Obama appears to be disappointing and/or angering voters he polls worst against himself. For example, if the question is: will you vote or not vote in the next election? The popular answer is: why bother. Inside beltway analysis/conclusion is: Obama (meaning we) should worry.

    Ask the same pissed off / apathetic Democrats if they would skip aerobics class to vote for Pelosi or Boehner for Speaker of the House (that is Decision '10) I think it is very safe to say the Democrats will vote to stop the GOP from regaining the House.

    In the Senate I don't think it matters if a few un-Dems get the boot. They're not much help or no help anyway. You know who they are. Well you should. What I mean is if a few no good Dems lose there will not be much of a change in the way things are going so what's the dif?

    It is way to early for 2012 talk (unless you are a Repub) or beltway insider. But if you must, put Obama up against Palin, Pawlenty, Huckabee, Romney and see how he does. Palin will surely get out the Democratic vote.

    More of a political threat to Obama are the boring candidates like Pawlenty. That would leave him vulnerable to apathetic Democrats. Their pulse will not elevate enough if Pawlenty heads the GOP ticket. But the tea bag wing of the GOP is in no mood to pick boring. The crazy wing of the GOP will pick someone sure to wake up a dejected Democrat.

    Sorry this hand wringing is a non starter.

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