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  •  He was on Morning Joe this AM. I hadn't seen (2+ / 0-)
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    askew, dotster

    that show in weeks and it was odd to watch, very odd. There was no Obama bashing, just talk about his tough important week ahead (and wanting party crashers in jail)

    Then the Politico guy came on with his list that sounded just like the joe show as I remember it.
    It fell flat.
    How strange is that.

    I remember the proof of loving the man in the mirror was he was walking down some hall carrying some magazine (GQ?) that had him on the cover and oh isn't that strange!
    Ah yes because if someone handed it to him he should have thrown it on the floor, burnt it maybe.

    He is so arrogant getting himself on covers and winning the Nobel prize and even winning a presidential election. We must be sure to mock him and shame him for that.
    He is such a pushover and we all know that is the Chicago way. Those Chicago politicians are all nice and gentle and arrogant and bombastic

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