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  •  It used to be called MessyNBC (1+ / 0-)
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    The channel was supposed to be so many different things throughout the years and has been reconfigured a number of times. Remember, the MS stands for MicroSoft, of all things. The were going to be hip, integrating computers/internet with TV, but it didn't pan out. NBC has had a number of different directors in there to turn it around, but seems that the only success they have ever had with the channel is the current progressive lineup, basically accepting their role as a niche network. At one point they were supposed to be a competitor of Headline news. Headline news has changed so much I don't even think they are a news channel anymore. So MSNBC is now competing with Fox. Its all part of a poorly thought out strategy at big NBC/GE, that just accidentally made a big wave during the 2008 election cycle and has shown some staying power. GE needs to get out of this business and focus on its nuclear power plants. Comcast might (just might) have the interest in improving the network (and maybe getting rid of the idiotic name, which has been discussed for years). GE has really dropped the ball over the years with this one.

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