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View Diary: Want Maddow and Olbermann? Then this cannot happen:Update#1 (300 comments)

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    This has little to do with MSNBC.  (If anything, Comcast, which has a better understanding of market segmentation than NBC, will likely finish the job of turning it into a full time liberal news network, since we are a "market segment" and a fairly desirable one at that.  In other words, it probably would be disconnected from NBC News.)  

    The concern is that the distribution and the content are owned by the same people.  In other words, we get Maddow and Olberman and nothing else because that's the only "liberal news" channel that Comcast owns.  And to the extent they decide we are a larger market segment than MSNBC merits, we get MSNBC-2, MSNBC-3, and so forth, not other independent alternatives.

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