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  •  Afghanistan IS Afghanistan, though... (0+ / 0-)

    ...and given the Russians' "Vietnam" experience there, to say nothing of various other countries' experiences there in previous centuries, that should be alarming enough. We're farther from victory that we were in 2002. A particularly revealing example of what's been happening: The British were put in charge of poppy-growing regions, and within two or three years, opium production had gone up about 10 times over!
    The main ingredient that's been missing from the current war has been a commitment to win. Once that's added, the parallels with Vietnam will be unavoidable and valid. Personally I much prefer Ho Chi Minh to Osama bin Laden et al, but I'm not sure the popular support from the ordinary citizens is that much less. Remember the American Revolution was supported by about a third of the people. Foreign occupations generate support for resistance, usually.

    •  The "graveyard of empires" fallacy is dependent (0+ / 0-)

      on assuming every political situation is always the same in a given geographic area. It's silly. Whether or not Afghanistan will be a disaster, it won't be "because it's Afghanistan".

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