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    all this "thanks for voting for Bush" shit is a joke, and a bad one at that.

    ya know, i hate george bush more than anyone i know. i hope he dies, slowly and in agony, of horrible cancer.  But ya know what? george bush, with his solid majority of republicans, actually DID stuff. not good stuff, but he did deliver to his base.  Crazy-ass tax cuts? No problem: got it done within 1 year, and another 2 years later while we were at war. And speaking of war, shit, he gave his base TWO!  Stacking the court? Hells yeah! Massive surveillance state? No problem.  All very quickly. Wham wham wham.

    in fact he was so successful in giving his stupid base what they wanted, that know they want shit they can't have and they think they're entitled to!

    now compare that with what we get.  Do we get single payer? No that's off the table. we get a public option designed to be as weak and inefficient as possible, serving the least people possible.  meanwhile, Wall Street got more of the same largesse they've come to expect. How's about those bush policies Obama has embraced, like state secrets?  Who's ready to cheer about the president's bold moves on DOMA and DADT-- oops, wait.

    and don't look now, but the Democrats seem prepared to pass "health insurance reform" with that awful stupak language: who coulda guessed reproductive rights would be taken away by DEMOCRATS. Oh, and seems like a bunch of Democrats won't vote for cap and trade either.

    So it looks to me --a guy who's voted democratic in every election since 1988 when he reached the age of 18-- like when you vote for a republican, you get republican policies, and when you vote for a democrat you ALSO get republican policies, sometimes worse than those the Republicans came up with!



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