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  •  I don't see how this gets Bernie Sanders (1+ / 0-)
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    to vote for the bill. Roland Burris has nothing to lose since he's leaving the Senate.

    If anything, this seems like a process designed to dare liberals to vote against whatever is left of reform in the final bill rather than craft the best legislation.

    Trigger or no trigger, PO or no PO, Joe Lieberman is pretty much so bitter that he seems to be waiting for the CATO institute or the Heritage Foundation to release a non-reform "reform" plan.

    I am beginning to wonder if, should the bill die in the Senate by 1 or 2 votes, if all this is just an extended exercise in ideological blame shifting for the trainwreck on the part of the Liebercrats in the caucus.

    Better for the Village and the Ben Nelsons and Mary Landrieus if they can point at Sanders and Burris and blame them rather than have to risk the reputation of third-way centrism inside the beltway by being the ones whose fingerprints are on the knife that murders reform.

    Movement Conservatism has pretty much won a devastating generational victory over the last ten to twenty years.

    They have pushed this country to the brink of being un-Governable by non-Movement Conservative majorities.

    You get Heritage Foundation crafted policy from Republicans, or you get years of obstruction until you can return to Heritage Foundation crafted policy from the Republicans.

    It's a strange world where Joe Lieberman and Bernie Sanders are in the same position, but Joe Lieberman's concerns are paramount and Sanders vote is almost treated as a gimme.

    Centrists did everything in their power to gut and hamstring this effort, but it seems more palatable to lay the death of reform at Bernie Sanders or Roland Burris' feet.  

    I understand that there is a great deal of frustration directed at President Obama and his administration, but I still hold to the notion that the vast majority of the blame for the mess in DC right now belongs at the feet of the Blue Dog leadership of the House and Third Way Centrists of the Senate.

    Obama will sign what can get passed.

    Liberalism being gatekept out of policy is a scourge being done by all of one party and a chunk of our own party in the Congress.

    •  I may be an outlier on this (0+ / 0-)

      but what I have seen has made me more engaged than ever, rather than made me want to stay home in 2010.

      2010 is going to be a Blue Dog massacre, and its going to be their own fault.

      I believe we have to be there to help the liberals left pick up the pieces and try to build a more progressive policy enabling majority from the ashes of the Centrist/Blue Dog mess.

      We may very well end up with smaller, but more aggressive and less crack-addicted to faux bipartisanship, Democratic majorities in the House and Senate post 2010.

      Rather than Obama's, or the Democratic Paries, Waterloo, this could be a crushing blow to the Liebercrats and DLCers because what has happened to healthcare reform, the Stimulus being watered down, is their doing.

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