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View Diary: Sens. Feinstein and Durbins attack on citizen journalism (171 comments)

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  •  let's talk about that camera phone for a moment. (2+ / 0-)
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    James Kresnik, jethrock

    Speaking here as someone who does not use a cellphone, does not like cellphones, and has a bias in favor of the police:

    More than once in the last couple of years, someone with a camera phone has posted on YouTube, a video of police misconduct.   In one instance it involved an officer shooting a suspect who later died.  

    Those videos immediately caused a furor of public opinion, leading to investigations and to trials.  

    The people who posted those videos have never written an article for publication in their lives.  


    Are you willing to say that you do not wish to accord them the same protection that you would accord Markos or some writer for a newspaper, or some television news crew that got exactly the same footage and ran it on the TV news?  

    Or are you willing to reconsider your opinion?  

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