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    There are powerful forces who are determined to show that all limits on them lead to disaster.  Not to completely discount the very real problems, but there is no telling how things would look if good faith efforts were made to respect environmental concerns rather than trash the laws that get in the way of profits.  Protecting the environment is not easy, and it does take time.  If we weren't a schizophrenic nation, with the majority of the public in favor of protecting the environment and most corporations actively resisting, environmental concerns would be translating into jobs.  Corporations don't want to pay fair wages, don't want to pay fair taxes, don't want to be responsible for the common resources they exploit or the environmental damage they cause.  So we end up passing more and more laws.  If corporations were more responsive to the will of the people, the only solution would not be increasingly stringent regulation met with increasingly devious avoidance of such.

    As I said, the culture wars muddy matters and have us wandering about confused.  In addition, irresponsible corporate behavior, which is concerned neither with optimizing employment nor caring for the environment, is at least as much of a problem as the laws you cite.

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    by geomoo on Fri Dec 04, 2009 at 11:42:54 AM PST

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