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View Diary: An American In Perugia - Burlesconi's Italy: A Fascist State. (156 comments)

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  •  News Flash!!! (4+ / 0-)

    If you're in a foreign country, don't break the freaking law.  (Actually, don't be killing people period).  She went to trial, she had a lawyer (a team of lawyers), she was found guilty, she is going to prison.  Yes it was circumstantial evidence, but how many trials in the US are won with only circumstantial evidence?  And, why are we demanding that US style juris prudence be enforced in other countries?  A pretty white, American girl is found guilty and all of a sudden Italy's justice system is warped.  Typical American arrogrance.

    •  You almost seem to want her convicted (2+ / 0-)
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      heineken1717, dewley notid

      out of a sense of masochism.

      And, by the way, Italy's justice system is warped. This is a nation whose supreme court ruled in 1999 that a women who was wearing jeans could not be raped.

      •  They also just got around to making stalking... (1+ / 0-)
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        dewley notid


      •  It's not a sense of masochsm (4+ / 0-)

        it's a sense of being tired of Americans expecting "special" treatment because they are Americans (and, yes, I am an American) when they travel abroad.  Whenever an American is caught doing something wrong or is entered into another countries justice system, it's always "that would never happen in the US" or "We don't do that here, why do they do that there" or "the US justice is the best in the world" (paging OJ Simpson, paging OJ Simpson)...and so on.  When you travel in a foreign country, you are subject to THEIR laws and just because you happen to be a pretty, white, rich girl doesn't entitle you to special treatment.  I can guarantee if she wasn't a pretty, white, rich girl, there would be no uproar over this.

        •  Paging OJ Simpson indeed. (0+ / 0-)

          Ideally - that is, if the defendant can afford good lawyers - our justice system overwhelmingly favors the accused.

          God bless the United States of America for that.

        •  So you're comfortable with the evidence (2+ / 0-)
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          heineken1717, dewley notid

          that produced a 26 year jail sentence?

          •  I'm comfortable that she (1+ / 0-)
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            amk for obama

            had a team of lawyers that were able to present her defense to the jury.  Since they could not produce enough doubt to the jury's satisfaction, I'm comfortable that the jury did what they were supposed to do.  Beyond that, I am not comfortable, nor is it my place to criticize another countrys justice system (especially considering the glaring short falls in our own in the last 20 years).

            •  Wow. (4+ / 1-)

              So basically you wash your hands of any judgment because it happened to take place in Italy and not America.

              Talk about intellectually lazy. Talk about masochism. Talk about intellectual cowardice.

              •  HRd for ad hominem attack. (0+ / 0-)

                I don't find blahblah...'s remarks intellectually lazy, cowardly, or masochistic, but I do find your attacking and bullying hide-ratable.

              •  I'm not washing my hands (0+ / 0-)

                of anything.  What I am stating is that I was not in the jury, I did not listen to the entire trial, I did not listen to the prosecutors case and the defense's case in their entirity (sp?), I was not in the courtroom, I did not hear what, if any, directions were given by the judge concerning evidence, reasonable doubt, jury deliberation instructions, I did not listen to the witnesses for both sides, I did not take part in any discussions in the jury room, etc.  What I did do was watch a trial take place that followed the law of the land (Italy) and a verdict rendered by a jury.  I did not choose to play armchair international criminal lawyer and second guess a jury of Italian citizens on their decision, made after listening to the entire trial.  I also chose not to compare our justice system with Italy's and point out differences and whine when their system differed from ours.  I also chose not to judge, condemn or belittle a decision made by a jury of Italian citizens, who are NOT beholden to Americans or American interests.  

                Intellectual cowardice and laziness is belittling a decision made by citizens of a country about a trial IN their country concerning THEIR laws. Masochism is denying yourself products from Italy because you are not happy with the verdict the Italians handed down for a trial that happened in Italy, knowing full well such self-denial won't do a damn thing exceot salve only YOUR misplaced sense of outrage.  I'm sure the Italians could really care less if you boycott them or not.

                Meanwhile I'll save my concern and sympathy for those that deserve it like the family of Meredith Kercher.

                Sorry for the long post.

                •  So you chose to be ignorant of the case... (0+ / 0-)

                  as well as the complete dearth of meaningful evidence, witnesses, and gross misconduct by the prosecution.

                  You then make the bizarre statement that any verdict rendered in a foreign country is beyond criticism.

                  I also have not said a single thing about a boycott.


            •  You mean the team of lawyers (0+ / 0-)

              That were not allowed to show any of their own evidence or produce any of their own witnesses at their trial.

              The team of lawyers who were threatened by a Prosecuting Attorney that has put journalists in jail for saying he mishandled cases before.

              A team of lawyers that had to deal with the vocal drubbing of the character of their client, with things that had nothing to do with the case.

              Such as how many lovers she had.

              How she bought underwear with her boyfriend at a botique in the city and then bragged about having hot sex with him.

              About how slutty the clothes she wore were

              about how much of a loose little "Bitch" she was.


              The Lawyers didn't have to defend against her being a murder, they had to defend against her being a slutty american woman, who are obviously in italy always guilty.

    •  If you LOOK at the case and more so... (0+ / 0-)

      the person bringing it for the proscution you might see what makes it so offensive.

    •  Expecting Proper Justice is "Special Treatment"? (0+ / 0-)

      Sorry, but I expect proper justice in ANY court system for ANYONE of ANY nationality.

      That's not special treatment. That's not American expectations. Those are rights, rights that can not be taken away to you no matter what country you are in.

      Considering the circumstances. Knox is innocent. She is not only innocent but god damn, if special forces were to go into Italy and rescue her I would not lose a day of sleep.

      She is being held against her will in a foreign country while innocent. She is being kidnapped by the Italian Police.

      They waited two years to give her a proper trial, and during that trial created a mockery of a court, which not only didnt prove her guilt, but proved her innocence.

      The entire nation of Italy, and especially the Perugia police department has commited a crime here so great that there should be economic sanctions.

      The more and more I read the more and more disgusted I get, physically. It makes me sick to my stomach.

      And even more sickening are the responses from some people on this site.

      Excuse me I must go puke.

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