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View Diary: Max Baucus' Mistress' Interesting Past (279 comments)

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  •  I dislike Max for a lot of reasons (3+ / 0-)
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    majcmb1, Blue Intrigue, RoCali

    but I would defend him on this from everything I know about this story.  It appears the facts are that he was seperated, ultimately divorced on good terms, while seperated started dating this woman, put her name on a list of six submitted to an panel (with no order or priority to the list), by all accounts she would be qualified, and as their relationship became more serious and they wanted to move in together in D.C. they both decided they should withdraw her name.  I don't see any story here.  As a matter of fact, withdrawing her name becasue their realationship moved from dating to a more permanent thing was the right thing to do.  Just becasue no one likes him here, be fair!!

    •  I wonder how we Democrats (7+ / 0-)

      would think of a Republican nominating a woman they were dating as US attorney...

    •  No no no, you're missing the entire point (12+ / 0-)

      of the diary. Did you read the whole thing?

      The most serious scandal is not that Baucus nominated somebody he was sleeping with, although that is serious.

      The most serious scandal is that he went ahead and did that even despite her incredibly checkered past in Iowa. It's a wonder she did not get disbarred or even imprisoned for the conduct described, especially that described in the Court of Appeals decision. It certainly makes her completely unfit to be a top federal prosecutor.

      Baucus' claim that there was an independent review is obvious bullshit, even if true in some formal sense.

      •  They are both serious (3+ / 0-)
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        Timaeus, JVolvo, rja

        And if this were a case of civilian hiring in the federal service, it would be illegal under the guidelines designed to prevent sexual harrassment.

        These guidelines are not only intended to prevent "casting couch" type harrassment -- "sleep with me and I'll see you get appointed to a nice federal job."

        They are also intended to assure fairness to others. For instance. When a government executive gives a career boost to someone he's sleeping with, even if the person is delighted, the exec's action is  demonstrably unfair to others who are qualified - and possibly more qualified - for the job or promotion.

        Yes, it's illegal. And yes, it still happpens. It can be difficult to prove. There are various cover tactics.

        Even if it's true that Baucus only included her name in a list of six, her name replaced the name of some other candidate who -- based on this info -- deserved a shot at the job and did not get even the chance to be considered.  

        And if all Baucus did was add her name to a list of names, and no more influence was involved, knowing Washington -- I will eat my new winter hat. If he didn't actually say anything to anyone, it's because he didn't need to, his wishes and the power he wields in his position and the advantages of making him happy would have been obvious to the politically savvy.

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