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View Diary: I am a Democrat because I am a Christian (131 comments)

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  •  Tx for the diary. I was telling a friend just (11+ / 0-)

    today (dunno how religious he is, or even how interested) that it;s longs truck me as odd how the Right can screech deafeningly and incessantly about how they and they alone are the true Christians, yet act in ways that appear quite contrary to the things that Jesus taught. Take your average Republican robber baron (please! /rimshot) Has more money than he can possibly spend, but wants more. Jesus made it clear that our earthly treasures avail nothing and are not the treasures we should seek to store up. Take care of the less fortunate? Hardy har. And so it goes.

    The war/abortion dichotomy is particularly irritating to me. I'm not pro abortion, but feel the decision must be between the woman, the father (if he's around), and whatever God they believe in; the state has no business interfering. I also personally feel that it's 100 times worse when a young person, old enough to know what life has to offer, is killed or mutilated in war. Sorry, but young children and babies don't know what they're missing. I left a church I'd attended for over 10 years when the conservative new pastor declared that a fetus in its mother's womb was at greater risk than a soldier in Iraq. The Republicans can't do enough for fetuses, but once the child is born? It's on its own, and once it's served its purpose as cannon fodder, the Republicans apparently don't care what happens to it. Unfortunately, even intelligent people don't have a problem with that. I have a friend who's all tender concern for fetuses, but the 19-yr-old kids dying or worse in the pointless, endless war in Iraq? He hasn't a tear to shed.

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