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  •  I'm talking about using the statistics (1+ / 0-)
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    Elwood Dowd

    Take the skeptics, those who aren't certain there's a god, at 42%. Only 15% or so of the populous identify as having no religion.
    Lets assume that all 15% are skeptics for the sake of argument, even though some of them are certain there is a god. Add those 15% to the approximately 76% who say they are christians and calculate a new skeptic ratio of the pack. It comes out to around 55% of the christians and non believers believing there absolutely is a god, still far above the Jewish number. Clearly Jews are more secular. Do the math yourself if you don't believe me.

    •  I'm entirely confused by this (1+ / 0-)
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      and I'm losing interest, sorry.

      "Secular" does not mean "atheist." Your numbers may all add up consistently to support what you mean - but I don't understand what you mean.

      •  By skeptic I mean those who don't believe (0+ / 0-)

        there is absolutely a god. This is 70% in the Jewish community and less than 30% in the Christian community according to the survey I presented earlier. I took the 15% or so who say they have no religion, made them Christian skeptics, and added them to the Christian community. This reduced the believers to around 55%, still far more than the Jewish 30%. Therefore your hypothesis that those who don't identify as religious are more likely to be Christian than the population as a whole still does not come close to making up the secular gap. Does this explanation help?

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