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View Diary: I am a Democrat because I am a Christian (131 comments)

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  •  "Other people's money" -- a false description (0+ / 0-)

    Government and taxes are the people as a whole working together to achieve common goals -- ideally, to achieve the common good. It turns out that everyone benefits from using taxes to build roads, fund general education, and (yes) keep the population healthy.

    Most conservatives are perfectly happy for taxes to be spent on things that benefit them. When I've heard conservatives call taxes "other people's money", they've usually meant that taxes are going to be spent on something that does NOT directly benefit them -- that in fact benefits someone they don't like.

    That attitude does not in any way resemble Jesus. The diarist is absolutely right on this. To see it more clearly, look at the Conservative translation of the Bible -- an extreme example, but it clarifies just what right wing "Christianity" actually means.  

    I agree that it isn't voting that makes someone Christian or not. It is imitating Jesus' sacrificial love. In my view, that includes working to set up a society that treats people with compassion.

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