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View Diary: Obama & World Hit Back At Climate Deniers (228 comments)

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  •  "Would you please shut up for just a second." (8+ / 0-)


    Still, I find this report disturbing.  A nonsensical hack is depicted in front of the WH, carrying a Senatorial sounding label.  One reader calls this brouhaha "a gift" to climate change deniers, completely ignoring the fact that this information was stolen purposely at this time and is not inherently incriminating in the least.  It's a gift the way a stolen television set is a gift to an addict in need of a fix.  The "journalists" make the timing out to be bad luck for the environmentalists, rather than malicious, and furthermore describe the environmental community as being thrown off by the hold thing.  In general, the somber tone and concerned attempts to balance criminal and malicious lies with straightforward science looks like a lose-lose proposition to me.  Meaning the scientists lose, and so does every other human being.  All in all, very disturbing.  I don't see our side winning these "debates" between smirking hacks and unphotogenic devotees of calm reasoning.

    FDR: I welcome their hatred. Obama: I welcome their advice.

    by geomoo on Sun Dec 06, 2009 at 10:49:20 PM PST

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    •  We're getting our a$$es kicked. (8+ / 0-)

      Since I wrote the above comment, this has been festering even more with me.  I want to be clear.

      If the story is not that scientists are under attack and can't rely on enjoying give and take free of public intrusion, then we are in more trouble than one sensible scientist on tv can hope to remedy.  If scientists are defending their integrity while war criminals and war profiteers are sought out for advice, we are getting our butts handed to us.  I'm still searching for what to say when this community sees an "epic fail" or "awesome smackdown" in one of these.  Sorry, no offense meant, but it strikes me as pathetic.  That interview, and most of the others I see, depict, more than anything else, deep deep problems in our culture.  I'll never forget that Bush beat Gore in the first debate despite running circles around him.  What matters is the smirk, not the esoteric fact that tree ring data blah blah blah.

      Sorry again for being so negative.  This story is deeply disturbing.

      Anyway, thanks to you PDNC, for lifting me up with news of actual powerful forces pushing back.  Perhaps this won't be decided by a teevee poll after all.

      FDR: I welcome their hatred. Obama: I welcome their advice.

      by geomoo on Sun Dec 06, 2009 at 11:13:51 PM PST

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      •  I think the problem is only in the US (5+ / 0-)

        Check out this BBC poll and be more encouraged:

        To a UK audience the buffoon from Washington is comic relief. I agree the BBC and others have not done enough to investigate the source of the leaks, and tie in the Victoria, BC attempts, but this is not going to derail Copenhagen. Those like the Saudi minister who wanted an excuse to do nothing would have found that excuse anyway. The rest, including President Obama, are going for a deal to set up for the June conference.

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