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View Diary: The Despicable Acceptance of Torture in Our Culture (222 comments)

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  •  No geomoo -- you live in a little dailykos bubble (0+ / 0-)

    Through out this land, you can find many, many people who will joke about lynchings and whine that you're just too "PC" if you object.

    You may be too removed -- but anyone over 40 years old lived through a time where mob violence was a real possibility. Anyone over 60 probably took part, on one side or the other.

    No, we're blind to the reality of our own lives. We live in little fantasy worlds, pretending that the threat of tyranny and the reality isn't there every day.

    What, are you 17 years old?

    •  I'm sixty, and I grew up in the South. (1+ / 0-)
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      When I grew up, people said n****r anytime they wanted, and the only thing worse than a n****r was a n****r lover.  Things have changed. Even if I were 17, my opinion would be more worthy of respect than you are offering.

      So, I guess your point is that people are innately horrible, the support of torture would be the same even if dumped bodies were lying about in our midst as they once were in Chile.  I wonder what is stopping people from lynching today?

      You seem to want to fight.  You seem to want to be on a high horse.  You seem to want to criticize others.  I have no idea what you hope to accomplish, what you hope to improve, by coming on strong and critical to someone who did more than his part to change the reality in the South.  Is this about you and your feelings or about something constructive?

      Never mind.  I don't want to have this weird, out-of-the-blue conversation in a diary about torture.  If you disagree with me, fine.  Perhaps you could put forward your own case about why Americans are so ready to condone torture instead of just complaining about how horrible people are.  I happen to think people's thinking would be cleared up by greater familiarity with the real thing.

      So long.

      FDR: I welcome their hatred. Obama: I welcome their advice.

      by geomoo on Tue Dec 08, 2009 at 01:38:06 PM PST

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