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  •  Civil Justice: Better a hundred guilty go free... (2+ / 0-)
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    enhydra lutris, ilovecheese

    than one innocent person is convicted.

    Our effort to bring justice (kill) Osama Bin Laden: We are willing to kill a hundred innocents if we can bring "justice" to OBL.

    Quite a paradox here.  While this diary, written by a lawyer who is ethically charged with "zealous advocacy" of his client, there is another perspective, which is that nothing is more unjust than war..which has shifted even by the US to war on civilians.  

    I don't know weather the client described here is innocent or guilty.  However, given that he has been through certain procedures, he is more probably innocent than those we kill in war, and perhaps less probably innocent than those we convict in non-war circumstances.

    When those building went down with 3000 people in 2001, more was lost than life and property, we lost some of the protections of a refined criminal justice system that demanded a high degree of certainty for conviction.

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