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  •  There are something like four (0+ / 0-)

    minarets in all of Switzerland.  Ian Buruma has an interesting critique of this dreadful measure in the Guardian UK (don't have link).  And John Gibson dares utter the word "Swiftboating" without apparent irony?  I have to say, when I first beheld this cretin on FOX News lo, these many years ago, I thought, "Hmm, Fox News:  payback time from all the angry white AV and Hall Monitors in elementary school and junior high." Really, John Gibson deserves to live out his life as . . . John Gibson.  
    Slightly OT:  how did Jonah Goldberg come by his wonderful nickname, "Doughy Pantload?"  Or has the legend been lost?  

    Life is good. Injustice? Not so much.

    by westyny on Tue Dec 08, 2009 at 03:35:31 AM PST

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