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View Diary: The Audacity of Goodness: "Loose women burn in Hell." (41 comments)

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    Nova Land

    Some thoughts on the Charlotte Taft article.
    I am so glad to learn about the love and warmth expressed in her clinic. Abortion care has come so far from the early 1970's. At that time, as a Nurse Practitioner, I would send college students off from GA to NY for abortions. It was so many women, so impersonal. Now women an safely make the decision near their home and receive the care they deserve.

    I have walked women into clinics past the shouting protestors - been spit upon and called horrible names. I wonder where all that hate comes from. After all, these are people were sent from Jesus....... I think all of them have some abnormal reason for being there. And why are men so against abortion? It isn't as though they are raising the child as a single parent. Where are all the adoptions of these babies who are brought into the world either unwanted or unable to be cared for? Perhaps we could get the names and addresses of those in the protest and present them with new born babies -- black, Hispanic, mixed. I don't see them adopting those babies.

    Maybe we should ship all the protestors to Afghanistan -- then they would have an enemy to fight.

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    by annrose on Tue Dec 08, 2009 at 12:14:21 PM PST

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