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    Time is often called 'the 4th dimension'.  Now, think of a flatland (bound by X-Y) with time as 'the 3rd dimension'.  But instead of time in flatland being time as we cubelanders see it, time is 'Up' (the Z dimension).

    So, what you end up with is a solid (as we see it).  Each slice along the X-Y dimensions is a point in time.  A cubelander looks at it and sees a solid object.  If it is inanimate, it is a single frozen universe of past, present, and future all presented at-once from a cubelander point of view.  If the object is animate, then the past, present, and future are all in a state of flux.

    How would you ever convince yourself there is a whole 2-D universe there?  How would you communicate with it?  What then is the mechanism of time for this 2D world?  Is the whole thing over start-to-finish in an instant and thus all the above questions irrelevent?

    Oh, and by the way, is God bounded by time....????

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