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    Ezekial 23 20

    In this essay, fantasy and science fiction have been oversimplified according to the general popular perception of the two terms.

    This perception holds that the default "fantasy" is a quest fantasy set in an alternate world that vaguely resembles Medieval Europe, and that the default "science fiction" work  represents a plausible real world scenario.

    This perception is not accurate, but it's remarkably common. Even people who have read a lot of science fiction and/or fantasy, and should know better, reflect this perception. You can point out to them just how many works they themselves have read that don't fit their definition, but somehow they keep going back to it.

    Neil Gaiman has a quote, which I can't locate for accuracy, which goes something like "It's all fantasy, including very tedious novels about literature professors who have a midlife crisis and sleep with one of their students."

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